[fic] Between Our Hands Chapter 11: Sacrifices

Title: Between Our Hands Chapter 11: Sacrifices
Author: plaidshirtjimkirk
Universe: TOS
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary: Jim muses on the sacrifices he made while Spock was recovering after his rebirth on Genesis… and thinks about one he’s still making today. Post-Search for Spock, pining, mini Jim character study, Jim really really really loves Spock

Link to fic: KS Archive, AO3, FF.Net

[fic] [prompt] At His Side

Title: At His Side
Author: plaidshirtjimkirk
Universe: TOS
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2,649
Warnings: None
Summary: When Jim nearly faints because of a fever, he falls right into Spock's arms. A fluffy, old married Spirk short.

Link to fic: KS Archive, AO3, FF.Net

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[fic] [prompt] What's Mine is Yours

Tumblr Prompt: But seriously. Jim and Spock take the "what's mine is yours" aspect of marriage to new heights when it comes to clothing. From nights on the Enterprise, when Jim would steal a pair of pants and an undershirt because a red alarm went off and he didn't have time to grab his own from his quarters, to when they're older and Spock curls into one of Jim's sweatshirts because he's cold and his t'hy'la is away and it smells nice and it's the only thing that can warm him up when he's lonely.
Universe: TOS
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Spock was fully expecting to find Jim asleep when he entered their shared quarters. It was only sensible to assume, considering the last few rough days he had endured.

Jim and a strategically chosen team of crew members had just wrapped up three long days of intense negotiations with the divided people of Visukah, deep into the west Alpha quadrant. While they successfully averted the crisis of civil war on the planet, the monumental challenge to achieve that victory had left everyone involved utterly exhausted.

It was obvious that peace treaties were better left to the responsibility of ambassadors, but the Enterprise was the closest to respond to the emergency situation of imminent war on a planet rich in Dilithium - an obvious asset to the Federation in this part of the quadrant. It was nothing short of a miracle that the treaty between the two opposing forces was signed, with lack of sleep and lingering tension in the air constantly threatening to set the bridge to peace fatally ablaze.

Though it was an ill-equipped crew sent to respond to the quickly mounting crisis (even their confidence had been shaken… the thought of such high stake negotiations being done without an ambassador present was a ludicrous notion), Starfleet had decided sending in their own veteran “superhero” would yield better odds than the risk of waiting for the proper personnel to complete their voyage. After all, every second that slipped by was one step closer to losing a pivotal resource in this sector.

If there was a way, a man who would never accept defeat would find it. And James Kirk did. When the ambassador finally arrived, her work could be likened to child’s play compared to the massive opposition Jim and his crew had faced in getting that treaty signed.

Now cruising comfortably at warp five, they were headed to their next assignment as issued by Starfleet. It would take nearly three days to arrive at the planet - Ulmae III - which would be the focus of their new observation mission; the transit time would provide a more than ample recuperation period for the heavily fatigued crew members who had been enslaved to that discussion table for seventy five hours.

Unfortunately, though, this resting time would intersect with the winding down of another project that was finally granting Spock free time again, which had been a rare luxury as of late…

He stood in the sleeping alcove, his dark eyes upon his bondmate with one brow raised.

As Spock predicted, Jim was fast asleep. However, it was the way in which he found his peace that the Vulcan found intriguing. He had stripped, flopped himself on his side in the double bed, and pulled the cover halfway over his body. A black undershirt was cuddled securely in his arms - a black undershirt that belonged to Spock, and was apparently filling in for his absence.

Spock quietly stepped up to the side of the bed and sat himself down on the edge. He turned at an angle so he could easily see Jim’s placid face and studied the wrinkles that had creased his skin.

Years had passed - nearly two decades, in fact - and yet, time had been kind to Jim. Though he’d aged and his entire body transformed, he retained the handsome qualities and charm of his youth. Jim was just as pleasing to look at now as he was when he had first taken command of the Enterprise. Not all could be fortunate enough to say the same for themselves.

How kind the universe had been to Spock to have given him someone so beautiful both inwardly and out - who understood that he couldn’t always have all of Spock’s attentions and was willing to wait until duty to their service was fulfilled - who never complained that he wasn’t first on the list when he damn well should be and would be if he were with anyone else.

Spock reached out with his fingertips and gently brushed aside one stray lock of graying hair from his bondmate’s forehead before he whispered, “Forgive me, Jim.”

Though they were both on the same starship and even shared the same shifts, there hadn’t been much time for them both to spend together in the last week and a half.

Ship nights of chess, deep conversations, and other more preferable activities had transformed into downtime Jim spent alone or in the company of McCoy and brandy. Spock had been buried deeply as the point person in a high priority warp core rebalancing project which required cross efforts from the science and engineering teams. And while Jim hadn’t uttered one word in complaint, Spock knew very well that he missed their time together because he himself did.

But tonight was different. Tonight, he could finally break away from his work. The emergency negotiation had both given time and stolen it from him. Three days without interruption allowed Spock to finish his major contributions to finalizing the calculations that would increase core efficiency and allow the project to wind down. However, it was also those three days that had exhausted Jim and stolen what would have been valuable alone time. The two of them both knew they needed it.

Spock’s fingers gently stroked through Jim’s hair once more. Kaiidth. Just being close to him would do. He laid down and shifted himself so he was right up against Jim, the black shirt within the human’s arms between them. Leaning his face forward, Spock allowed his forehead to touch Jim’s and cupped the warm human cheek with his hand.

He didn’t intend to fall asleep like this, fully clothed on top of the covers, but finally being within such close proximity to Jim had soothed him, lulling him into a deep state of rest.

They slept, Spock’s hand never slipping away from where it was placed.

Some hours later, Jim’s eyelashes slowly parted to the sight of a handsome Vulcan face pressed against his own. He blinked several times in rapid succession to make sure it wasn’t a dream before a soft smile spread across his face. Jim’s arm left the shirt he hugged and slipped it over Spock, nuzzling his forehead gently.

Chocolate brown eyes opened slowly to meet their hazel counterparts and the two simply stared into each other’s eyes before Jim whispered with a smile, “What took you so long?”


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[fic] [prompt] Part II: Never and Always Touching and Touched

Tumblr Prompt: Imagine Jim's "honey do" list for Spock.
Universe: TOS
Rating: PG
Warnings: None


The door swished open, the bright glow from the hallway immediately invading the once dark room as two shrouded figures similar in height stood shoulder to shoulder before the entrance.

"And this is where we conclude our tour of the ship," a strong female voice announced.

She entered through the doorway first and the rows of thin rectangular lights lining the ceiling panels automatically elevated to full luminosity. Captain Grant had taken several steps forward before she stopped and turned. The woman stood tall and confident, adorned by a burgundy captain’s uniform that made her dark skin tone pop radiantly. The rest of her appearance was also fitting for one who commanded respect: black trousers, polished boots, and hair drawn up into a taut, neat bun.

"I hope you find your quarters comfortable, Ambassador Spock," she announced, pride radiating from her in constant waves. Grant carried a nostalgic dignity with every movement that brought back warm memories of how Jim would shine when he conducted tours aboard the Enterprise - his Enterprise, just as this was her Princeton. And, like Jim, she was so eager to show off the iron lady she fully committed herself to.

The Captain’s shoulders rose slightly and her hands elevated with open palms that paralleled the ceiling as she took in a panoramic view of the large room. “If there’s such a thing as a penthouse suite on a starship,” she began, and gave her hands one stiff shake through the air for emphasis. “this would be the place. It’s reserved for our most honored guests.”

Spock had followed her into the impressive space with his mid-sized bag in tow. He first made sure to survey the room well out of respect for her excitement for it, and turned to her after his initial observation.

"Captain Grant, I thank you. This is more than adequate," Spock began, his voice carrying its ever deep and serious tone. He then added a phrase Jim had used many times in the past to achieve the maximum effect of displaying appreciation. He let his head dip slightly forward. "I am humbled."

Grant’s lips curved into a friendly smile as she raised her chin. “I’ll leave you to get settled then, Ambassador. I’m looking forward to you joining us for dinner.”

"The anticipation is mine," Spock replied politely as he watched her take her leave, but not before she sent him with one last grin in reply.

The door automatically slid closed and he was left to himself.

Spock looked from side to side, once again surveying the large quarters that he would inhabit for the entirety of his time in transit. Had Grant not been so excited to present this room to him, he would have requested a transfer to much simpler accommodations; a cadet-class bunk with a desk would have more than suited his purposes.

In comparison, this space was far too large and, while its decor was pleasing, also much too empty. After all, no amount of embellishments could ever replace the physical absence of a bondmate.

Spock stilled his thoughts on the matter; it would be illogical to dwell on the fact that he was not at Jim’s side, as nothing could be done to change the situation. …Did these thoughts constitute evidence of loneliness? Spock’s shoulders stiffened as his dark eyes drifted down to his luggage.

Grant and her executives would not expect him for dinner until another three point two hours had passed; it was ample time to meditate and neatly file away the thoughts which made him illogically wish to physically reach out for Jim.

After making his way to the bed, Spock lifted his bag and gently placed it upon the top cover. He opened it with the intention of retrieving the small mat which would lessen the burden on his frame as he kneeled during meditation; however, he was instead met with the surprise of seeing not one, but a stack of sealed envelopes rubber-banded together. They had been strategically added to the contents of his luggage without his knowledge.

One pointed eyebrow raised as Spock picked up the pile. The envelope on top read the current date in the upper right corner and “1/14” in the middle.

Spock quickly removed the band and filed through the stack, observing that they had been arranged in sequential order from the first to the fourteenth. Sitting down slowly on the edge of the bed, he placed the heap neatly at his side and picked up the one on top; it was only sensible to start at what was labeled as the beginning, after all.

A thin finger slipped beneath the flap and adroitly pried it from the seal, enabling him to procure the paper from within it which he found was carefully folded into threes.

Spock pulled the paper flat so he could see what message waited for him, immediately pleased at the sight of Jim’s handwriting. His penmanship was very different from that which was enforced on Vulcan; where Spock’s was nearly identical to a formally typed font, Jim’s was romantic with curved, italicized letters and had loops accenting beauty of certain characters.

He began reading.


Dear Spock,

I know, I know. It was “only logical” to expect this because I always write you a letter when you’re away. But this time, as you surely noticed, things are a bit different. Instead of one, you have fourteen!

Why? Well, this particular mission you’re on isn’t going to be easy and it’s killing me (no, not literally) that I can’t be there with you. Starting official negotiations with Romulus isn’t going to be an easy task, even if they’re meeting us in our own territory… really, who would’ve ever thought!

So, since I can’t be there with you in person, I wrote you one letter to open on each day, just as a reminder that you always have someone on your side supporting you. And now you’re probably thinking something like, “Jim, I am Vulcan. I do not need reassurance.” Let me tell you something - everyone does. Especially with what you’re up against.

For this first letter, I just want to mention a few things I need you to keep in mind while you’re away:

1. I love you. And I miss you. And I can’t wait for you to come back so we can have “welcome home” sex. ..You sure you can’t come back sooner? ;)
2. Don’t let your guard down. Not for one second. We talked about this so many times… We don’t know Romulus’ motivation for suddenly agreeing to these negotiations. Just be careful, okay? Watch your surroundings and stay with the security team.
3. Don’t let them or anyone belittle you because of your heritage. Being both Vulcan and human is a gift, Spock, and don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise.
4. Make sure you eat and sleep enough. Don’t give me that “Vulcans don’t need as much food and rest as humans” crap. Maybe it’s biologically true, but your body is accustomed to a regular eating and sleeping schedule so don’t deny yourself it.
5. I know how busy you’ll be on this trip… And you know I always want to hear from you, but please put yourself first. If you can use the time to rest or meditate instead of talking to me, do that instead. Worry about your needs instead of mine. I’m a patient man.
6. Make sure you have enough covers during ships night. You know how cold you get when you sleep.
7. Don’t forget to open your letter each day. Each one is very different. …You’ll see what I mean.

So that’s it, Spock… Stay safe and comm me whenever you can, whenever you feel like it. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about you until the moment I see you materialize on that transporter pad again in two weeks.



The hands holding the letter slowly dropped to Spock’s lap and, though the message was fully understood the first time, he re-read it once more. It was then neatly folded back up and returned to the pile.

Spock relocated the stack of envelopes to the nightstand and then moved his bag to the floor. Reaching into it, he withdrew an extra large white t-shirt with the words “Go climb a rock” and set it next to him as he laid down.

Within the privacy of his quarters, a hand slipped out to the garment besides him and slender digits caressed the material. Spock’s fingers clenched upon it then and brought it to his face. He closed his eyes, pressed it to his forehead tightly, and uttered one word barely above a whisper to the emptiness of his cabin.


Somewhere in the recesses of his very numeric mind where rationale and mathematical sensibility reigned was a place that would forever bond him to Jim. And in the midst of the efficient inner workings of what was once a sterile place denying the acceptance of any emotion, Spock felt love.

Never and always touching and touched.

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[fic] [prompt] Part I: Parted From Me and Never Parted

Tumblr Prompt: Imagine Spock's "honey do" list for Jim.
Universe: TOS
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

A heavy sigh was expelled from between a pair of thinning human lips. Another two week ambassadorial mission… Another two weeks of living alone and sleeping alone and eating alone and showering alone and simply being alone.

Jim had returned to their condo with these thoughts after seeing Spock off, feeling quite empty even though it only had been barely a half hour since the two had parted ways.

He stepped into the lift and began ascending to the twenty third floor.

Though the grievances of loneliness had been on his mind for the better half of last week, Jim dared not make them known to Spock; after all, to burden and distract him with these feelings wouldn’t be fair when he was only fulfilling his duties as Ambassador.

The demands of Spock’s position were fully known and understood when he accepted the responsibility, but actually living with them was a different story all together. …Certain past events had incubated the unmistakable curse of separation anxiety in their relationship.

A pleasing chime sounded off and the lift door opened then. With his mouth pulled taut, Jim turned his face to the side, just as he turned his thoughts from one memory in particular, and stepped up to the entrance of the condo.

A blue light flashed on the fingerprint reader, confirming his identity and the door swished open. Jim entered and shrugged his coat off, unable to prevent himself from gazing forlornly about the emptiness of the space. That’s when he saw a note on the table.

His footsteps quickly carried him in its direction. From far away, Jim could tell that the words on the paper were curiously handwritten, though the lettering was so neat, it could have been mistaken for traditional print work. Jim knew better, though.

He took the note in his right hand and began reading the message written upon it.



I must make several requests of you in my absence.

1. It is imperative that you eat well. Do not skip meals, even if your desire to eat has been dampened by the expected emotional response of my absence.
2. Ensure that you sleep at least eight hours every night. You are aware that rest is essential to your health.
3. As the temperature is still low, dress in warm clothing and do not forget your scarf.
4. On the dates you are scheduled to provide lectures at the Academy, bring sustenance to ensure you remain hydrated. These will be - as you describe - “long days,” so you must endeavor to prepare yourself for them.
5. I will make contact with you on a daily basis. However, it is my wish that you do not hold your comm every moment in anticipation that I may send correspondence, as you previously suffered hand cramping during my previous mission.
6. Regarding the inquiry you posed last night, I suspect it was jocular in nature as you did not give me the opportunity to respond; however, I will supply an answer now. No, I do not mind if you wear my attire or pursue repose upon my side of the bed in my absence.
7. Excess effort to clean our living space is unnecessary in preparation for my return. Do not stress yourself.

Taluhk nash-veh k’dular. It is of equal difficulty for me.



The corners of Jim’s lips twitched upwards in the slightest. The hand that rested at his side rose into the air, its thumb gently landing upon the top corner of the paper as his four fingers ghosted on the opposite side. They slowly slid down the thin sheet like it were precious and made of antique lace before the pad of this thumb stopped over the final written word.

Jim caressed that name twice before he clutched the letter to his chest and allowed his eyelashes to fall and head to nod forward.

"I miss you already," he whispered to the emptiness around him.

However, Jim realized his words hadn’t gone unheard when he felt a pulse of affection surge into his side of the bond. A quiet smile spread across his face.

Parted from me and never parted.

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[drabble] [prompt] Over Morning Coffee

Tumblr Prompt: Old Married Spirk breakfast? Like with the sunlight streaming in and hot coffee and adorableness
Universe: TOS
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Early morning rays of the summer sun gently embraced the earth, bringing forth the promise of a new day. As the sunlight bled a golden blanket across the buildings forming the jagged cityscape of San Francisco, it wasn’t long before it stretched upon the tallest condo tower along the bay and gently began to stream through large windows of spotless glass.

It started with a thin, glowing horizontal line projected on the pearly paint of the wall and steadily crept further as the sun rose higher in the sky. The soft golden beam caressed more and more space while the morning aged until natural light and warmth bathed the open floor plan of the condo, creating an almost storybook-like haze against the contrasting pale walls and dark hardwood floors.

The sound of a door swishing open filled the air then.

Clad only in his dark slippers and burgundy robe tied lazily about his waist, Jim clumsily shuffled out from the bedroom with a large yawn that caused his chest and bulging abdomen to push outwards against the soft fabric of his loose fitting garment. Stumbling his way with half-lidded eyes past the two chairs before the fireplace and the small dining room table, he had but one solitary thought on his short journey to the kitchen: Coffee. Any other notion trying to needle its way across his mind had no choice but to wait until he was coherent enough to mull over something besides the need for a strong, black cup of caffeine.

Clearly on autopilot, the half sleeping human lifted a large hand and tossed it through the air with a sloppy swiping gesture in front of the life-giving object he sometimes likened to a religious artifact. Responding to the presence of movement across its sensor, the coffee machine turned on and Jim was subconsciously pleased to know that he would live to see another day because of it.

As the clamor of his bondmate meandering about the kitchen echoed throughout their living space, Spock emerged from the bedroom, almost a comically stark opposite picture of Jim. His angular face was proudly raised with dark eyes sporting alertness. Traditional black Vulcan attire that Spock knew Jim preferred clung to the lean frame of his body except for the sleeves; they elegantly splayed out, gradually shifting from tight in the shoulders to loose pieces of flowing material stretching far beyond his nimble fingertips.

Within one deft Vulcan hand was a PADD Spock clutched securely as he carried himself to the open sitting room teeming with unadulterated luminosity from the world outside. The darkly colored floor and furniture seemed to radiate a soothing aura from the invading sunlight, practically glowing against the blanched walls and standing out in a manner which was more than quite pleasing to the eye – It was, more accurately phrased, a placating sight.

Pausing for a moment to step up to the large line of crystal clear windowpanes extending wall-to-wall and nearly the entire length from ceiling to floor, Spock took in the magnificent panoramic scenery before him. The calm water of the bay lapping at sandy shores and the city bustling with movement had little in common, but there was one attribute they shared: both were basked in the warmth of a flawless, golden morning.

Spock could see not one cloud in the entire azure sky splayed out before him. Certainly, all of these observations were indicators that it would be another beautiful and warm Saturday – a perfect day, in fact, to venture into the city or park. However, Spock and Jim had their own plans for the better part of the next several hours which had nothing to do with outside and everything to do with a chess board.

Drawing a relaxed breath through his nose, Spock turned from the impressive sight before him and ambled over to the small circular table positioned to the far left side of the sitting room. Two chairs, both stylish and comfortable, were neatly tucked into it.

He approached the seat facing the glass doors that opened to the balcony and reached for its rectangular mahogany post on the top right. Dragging it out just enough to slip into its cushy recesses, Spock comfortably let his body melt into the chair and scooted himself closer to the table.

It wouldn’t be long before Jim would join him with his coffee and settle into the seat waiting for him across the table. Planning to make use of the few spare moments he had, Spock ran a flat palm across the clean, polished surface out of habit before leaning his PADD against the edge for an optimal viewing angle. After unlocking his device with the biometic scanner, he gestured his way to an astrophysics article which caught his interest and began perusing it, the content laying claim to the entirety of his attention.

Consumed with studying the timeline of advancements in gravitational lensing, Spock twitched in slight surprise when two hands holding one steaming cup each suddenly extended over both of his shoulders. As his spine straightened against the back of the chair and dark sable eyes lined with short black lashes widened slightly, he exhaled at the feeling of a warm breath gracing his left pointed ear.

Both cups – one filled with aromatic mint tea and the other with coffee – were abandoned on opposite edges of the table and Spock watched as the arms that had extended over him were drawn back, crossing each other over his shoulders.

Jim pulled him back into a gentle embrace, pressing the cheek closest to Spock into the silky hair just behind his ear and he nuzzled, emitting a tiny noise akin to a purr. The PADD was placed gently on the table as Spock closed his eyes and turned his face slightly into Jim’s, brushing a small part of the human forehead with one of his ears as his long fingers came up slowly and took a gentle hold of the forearms locked around him.

Keeping his vision closed off from the world, Spock’s mouth parted just slightly as he felt Jim tighten his arms around him and adjust his position so that his lips pursed upon one of his psi points. The kiss Jim planted there was soft but lingered for several seconds. Though it was a light application of mouth to temple, the flood of emotion that was transferred through the action could rival the most passionate kiss ever shared.

Though Jim’s lips retreated from Spock’s psi point and returned to a state of rest, he allowed the rest of himself to remain just as it was, reveling in the delight of holding the Vulcan close to him. As Spock’s eyes flickered halfway open, he softly nudged his nose into his bondmate’s and tightened his grasp on the large arms encircling him.

They remained in peaceful silence, allowing the pleasant feeling of warmth from the sun to feather across their faces for so long that Jim had lost track of the moments passing them by. All he knew was that it was some time before he finally withdrew from Spock, allowing his arms to slowly slide off of those deceptively lean shoulders before removing himself completely and filling the empty chair across the table. However, as Jim began sipping his coffee and observed a very familiar sparkle within those deep Vulcan eyes, he knew that that wouldn’t be the last skin to skin contact they shared that day.

Jim’s lips twitched a mischievous smile into his cup as he took another drink, his hazel eyes conveying the response to Spock’s gaze without uttering one single word. One knowing, pointed eyebrow slowly slid up in response.

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